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Redline's Marketing Package - How does it work?

If you are serious about the success of your business you must be aware that carefully planned initiatives deliver the best results.

From our experience, most businesses undermine their marketing efforts by employing several companies to oversee different aspects of their campaign in an attempt to save money. Most of the time this ends in failure, which is when they approach Redline to create an integrated marketing plan that will ensure that they get the best possible value for money.

When you hire Redline Company as your external marketing department you will benefit from a co-ordinated marketing vision. Redline will provide a complete team of marketing professionals to work continuously on your project, holding regular meetings and providing a permanent consultancy service.

Thereby relieving you from the burden of financing employment fees such as health care, holiday pay and sickness benefit. Additionally, we have wide experience of the Spanish market and can help your company tap into its potential. You do not want to miss out on the potential of a market consisting of 46 million Spanish people, so let Redline's international and multilingual team give you a head start on the competition. Whatever the nature of your business, Redline can help you maximise its potential, BUT your input is vital! If we are to help your company achieve its full potential we need the assistance of at least one member of staff who can provide us with information of any new products, services, upcoming events or staff news.

As with all aspects of marketing, communication is key; we would request that you work closely with us to ensure that all the material that we prepare on your behalf contains accurate and current information. For more information about our packages, contact us on