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Press Release: Revolutionary therapy proven to treat dyslexia in 3 months

Psychologist Monika Baumgartner has just launched an English version of the 'Dyslexia Rescue Box' a unique therapy designed to treat the problems associated with dyslexia in the home or at school - within just 3 months. The therapy was developed by Monika Baumgartner to treat her son who suffered from dyslexia. After 10 years of psychological and neuropsychological research and development, she has produced a system designed to improve the health, hearing and concentration problems associated with dyslexia. Her son was the first success story, having followed the Dyslexia Rescue Box therapy he overcame his dyslexia and is currently attending university, which would have been unthinkable prior to the therapy. This therapy is unique in every way, using a patented Sonido M-Therapy sound box, CDs, written exercises, therapy cards, puzzles, poetry and songs. Unlike traditional treatments it is not necessary to attend clinics as it is suitable for home or in the classroom following a program of sound and rhythm therapy for just one hour each day, dyslexics will learn to filter sound, thereby overcoming their underlying hearing problems in just 3 months. Not many people are aware that dyslexia isn't a behavioural problem it is a health condition which prevents sufferers from hearing full sentences and filtering noises, which leads to an intolerance to every day noises, resulting in poor concentration, reading and spelling, disruptive and unsociable behaviour. For more information visit the website at +34 676 153 516