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SEO, SMM & SEM - Search Engine Marketing

As new media become an increasingly important part of any business, the professional jargon becomes more intricate and confusing. Naturally Redline Company has considerable experience in all aspects of marketing, including Search Engine Marketing, but if you would like to know more about this latest trend some key terms are explained below. What is it all about? SEM includes a variety of marketing activities aimed at enhancing the visibility of your website, increasing the traffic to it and, perhaps most importantly in today's overcrowded media landscape, making sure that the traffic comes from searches relevant to your business. This can include using tools such as Google AdWords, Facebook ads, paid inclusion in search results, etc. How is SEO different from SEM? Search Engine Optimization is just one SEM practice and it includes adjusting your website's content and back-end configuration in such a way as to enhance its performance in organic searches - that is the 'natural' way in which search engines contextualize and order search results. What does SMM have to do with all that? Another potentially confusing abbreviation related to online marketing is SMM - Social Media Marketing - which includes releasing content such as Facebook and Twitter posts, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. and utilising it in such a way that it leads users back to the company's website through links and keywords. SMM is quickly becoming an indispensable part of SEM for most businesses. How can Redline help you with your Online Marketing? Staying abreast of the fast evolving technology and trends in SEM, and applying them to your website can be a full-time job. Many companies have already chosen to hire Redline to undertake this ongoing work for them - we have the experience and skills necessary to make sure your website attracts more potential clients. Redline Company can set up your Google Ad and Facebook Ad campaigns and manage your social media profiles. Contact us today for more information on