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Redline Company celebrates the arrival of Ogee Magazine

Here's a Redline secret; there's nothing that we like more than being invited to join a project right at the beginning! Of course, it's not always possible but when Vladan Stojic, of construction company, Estomar91, approached us with the idea of producing a magazine, we were very excited. The brief for this brand new publication was the production of a 40-page magazinein English and Spanish, focusing on Estomar91's main areas of interest, which are building and project management, architecture and interior and furniture design. It was obviously important to Vladan that we all worked together to create something that was informative, interesting and visually appealing. In a series of meetings we agreed on a name (Ogee Magazine), finalised the content and arrived at an achievable deadline. While Vladan had some firm ideas of what he felt should appear in the first issue, the Redline team was able to construct a flatplan that incorporated all of his suggestions while adding some material that would attract a wider readership and including some space for advertisements. Redline's second task was to create a website as an accompaniment to the hard copy of the magazine with the aim of including as many keywords as possible to drive potential clients to Estomar91's main website, while ensuring that the text reflected the same style and quality as that in the magazine. We had a great time working on this project and are already looking forward to the next edition, which is scheduled for June.