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Oasis Dental Clinic's intensive marketing campaign

Every so often our clients change our way of thinking about marketing and this was certainly true when Redline Company was employed by Dr. Nina King of Oasis Dental Clinic as the practice's external marketing department. Oasis Dental Clinic in Marbella had been marketing their services in-house for quite some time, but felt they needed advice from Redline to find a new strategy for this autumn. When Line sat down with Dr. King and discussed what Redline's contribution should be, an intensive three-month campaign was born. While some would imagine that a dental practice would scarcely offer sufficient opportunity to power an eye-catching marketing offensive, the Redline team was able to join forces with Oasis Dental Clinic and construct three specific offers to run in October, November and December. October's special offer concerned the replacement of old, grey amalgam fillings with new tooth-coloured composite, November's revolved around discounts on preliminary work for complete mouth makeovers and December's invites clients to gain cheaper teeth whitening treatments in time for the party season. This strictly targeted campaign has several advantages, not the least being that it encourages a feeling of urgency in potential patients, since each offer is relevant only to that month. Redline Company recommends that existing and prospective clients should consider an intensive campaign themselves, since it is possible to build an exciting short-term campaign for even small and medium sized companies with a comparatively small marketing budget. To find out more about Oasis Dental Clinic, please visit their website;