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Redline supplies design for Premio CIT Marbella 2011

Redline Company is designing the corporate images of CIT Marbella's upcoming event "Premios CIT Marbella 2011 12th edition"; Line is a member and will be attending this event, to be held on Friday 25th November at 21:00 at the H10 Andalucía Plaza Hotel with Annika and Lulu. Every year this popular gala has a theme and 2011's is carbon credits. CIT will offset the carbon emissions associated with planning and holding the gala evening with the local company, Arboretum Marbella. This will be calculated by considering factors such as consumption of electricity, paper and fuel consumption by the event's participants. ArboretumMarbellacan calculate how many tons of CO2 have been created and how many trees will therefore need to be planted in compensation. The trees sponsored by CIT Marbella will help to restore natural habitats inMarbella. To find out more about CIT Marbella, please visit