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Redline Company is the marketing department of PunctureSafe

Redline company is currently working as the marketing department for Simon Jordan from PunctureSafe. After only 1 month working as his external marketing department a press release about PunctureSafe has been published in several magazines and online portals on the coast.  Simon Jordan, PunctureSafe in Spain - So then, what is Puncturesafe? It is an organic product that is applied by a qualified technician into your tyre. It is a preventative measure so that if you should have a puncture at any time PunctureSafe seals it automatically as the puncture happens. Almost all of us have had a punctured tyre. And let's be honest, most of us don't know how to change a tyre, we may lack strength or maybe we are just afraid to make even more damage to the rims or the car itself. Besides it is never nice or secure to stand on the side of the road, especially if it is dark. Prevent that ever happening with PunctureSafe! The best thing about it is that it lasts for the entire life of the tyre and most importantly it keeps you and your precious cargo safe on the roads. Businesses like Royal Mail and Tarmac are already clients. You can have PunctureSafe installed in your vehicle, whether it be a motorbike or car. The prices differ from 35€ for motorbikes (both tyres) or from 65€ for a car or van (all 4 tyres). There are also DIY packs that can be purchased from the website Call Simon today for more information on +34 952 569 559.