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Redline Company & Gratitude Art

Regular readers of the blog might already be aware that Redline's director Line Lyster created the product range "Gratitude Art". The aim of these carefully crafted products is to remind people of the abundance and love that surround us in our everyday lives - and to stay grateful! Due to the natural connection between Gratitude Art and Redline we have been working with the brand as its external marketing department. With Gratitude Art we conduct all sort of promotional tasks. In April this year Gratitude Art expanded from being present in 2 shops on the Costa del Sol to being in 9 shops, including Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. Together with Bookworld España we organised two exciting launch parties, where the guests wrote their wish on a helium balloon and sent it out to the universe, trusting and believing that the universal law of attraction would give them the wishes in return. We have also organised meditation events with Dr. Susan Phoenix. Gratitude Art mostly appeals to people that are into the "Mind, Body & Spirit" approach. This beautiful product range include Attraction magnets, Gratitude mugs, Inspirational canvases, Unique notepads with inspirational quotes, Greeting cards, Guidance cards and Gifts boxes. Make sure you get a copy of the December2010 /January2011 issue of La Chispa, as Gratitude Art is decorating the front cover. If you are Danish, maybe you prefer reading about the power of Gratitude in the national magazine Familie Journalen! Have a look at the press section on if you want to see more results. Gratitude Art is also represented in Copenhagen, Denmark now in the Spiritual bookstore De Ukendtes. We were present at the Christmas fair at The Hippodrome here on the Costa del Sol the 12th of December 2010. Exciting times for Gratitude Art!