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Redline Merchandise - Live on Air

Earlier today Line was interviewed by the Spanish National Radio Station COPE down in Incosol hotel. Since we do a lot of merchandise at Redline, and strongly recommend our clients to do the same, Line brought some of Redline's merchandise goodies to the interviewer - and she had the same positive reaction as so many people before her. Who would have thought that our branded mugs, heart shaped mints or business card holders could be such a simple, yet so, appreciated gifts to the people close to us? Back in April this year, Line and myself (Annika) went to an event called Tweet-up, a casual networking group to get people to "see the faces behind the tweets", here in Marbella and caused quite a craving for our merchandise. Over the next weeks, to our amusement, we kept noticing people commenting on our mints, how cute and good they were and if we would bring some more to the next one. Our friends at the Tweet-up voted the redline mint heart "the best merchandise 2010". Merchandise might be one of the oldest tools in the marketing box, but to this day people still get very excited about key rings, USB sticks or just breathe mints, and keep them close by, for whenever they might come in handy. What a great way to get your contacts and clients to remember you!! To our experience they help to create a buzz in today's busy market, making your brand stand out. If you have any great merchandise stories, please share!