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Corporate colours

This weekend Redline went "on tour" with Gratitude Art to lovely Sotogrande near Gibraltar, for the local crafts fayre. Present at the event was Susan Phoenix, well known trough her best selling books "Policing the Shadows" and "Out of the Shadows" and a PhD within the field of Psychology, with her special camera that literary takes pictures of your aura, and the energy fields of the body. Redline's Line Lyster, long acquainted with this highly intriguing device, has had her picture taken before, but the new birds Lulu and myself were new to the experience. The camera looks like one of those old cameras that uses an external flash, and where the photographer needs to tuck in his/her head below a piece of cloth to be able to see properly, and when having this aura photo you rest your hands on two metal plates, shaped as hands. Susan told us to close our eyes and think "happy thoughts" - hence the silly faces