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Having a web presence is crucial in today's commercial world if you want to attract new business. The first place a potential customer will look for a particular service or product is on the web. If you don't have a web presence, you are missing a world of opportunity. At Redline Company, we have had the pleasure in designing many websites for our customers, and collectively, we have all the knowledge required in order to make your website as effective as possible. But, it's not just a case of designing a site and putting it up there on the web. There are other considerations that need to be taken into account. Including:- Cross Browser Compatibility With many internet browsers now available including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, it's important your site looks good across all browsers. This can only be done with consistent testing during the design process. Page Load Speeds The speed at which your website's pages load is so important. Not just for users, but also search engines. For a user, it's imperative that the page loads quickly. If not, then many users will leave before the page has even finished loading. For search engines, page speed is becoming more and more important. Google are now rewarding sites that load quickly with better rankings as this is a positive signal in terms of user experience. Google does not want to rank slow websites well within its organic rankings. Would you? Branding Branding is another very important element of your online promotion. Your site has to feature a consistent design and theme which helps to enforce your brand to your visitor. Branding is also an important aspect of SEO as there are strong indicators that sites that get a lot of branded searches are ranked better. Easy Navigation The navigation of your site is crucial if users and search engines are to find the content you add. There is nothing worse for a visitor than to struggle to find what they are looking for. By making your navigation and your site structure clear, your users will be far more likely to visit more of your pages. SEO SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is another crucial part of online business. It's great having a nice website, but if nobody can find it for your most important industry related keywords, you are likely to see little traffic and new business. Call to Action Call to Action or C2A is used to funnel users into different parts of your site. Some good examples of call to action are links, subscription forms, signup forms, banners and buttons. All of these enable you to move users around your site with offers and other tempting page elements. Call to action is vital for a website and can raise your sites conversion rate significantly when done correctly. Blog There are literally hundreds of millions of blogs online, yet it is surprising just how many companies are not using them to push their online promotion further. A blog gives your site visitors the opportunity to interact, comment, bookmark and share your content with others. What Redline Company offers We can offer you professional website design containing all of the above elements and more. Give us a call today on +34 952 816 678 to discuss how we can give your business greater exposure online. Don't forget that you can stay in touch with Redline Company and receive regular blog updates and other offers by following us on Twitter or by becoming a fan on facebook.