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All under one roof

We take great pride, here at Redline on our creativity and professionalism and we hold that in high regard in all we do, but we also love to take the opportunity to use that for good in any way we can.  At Christmas we designed the Triple A calendar in conjunction with CJ Hadlow and recently we were given the opportunity to design a logo for a new charity based in England called The Safe House. This March 2010, two British entrepreneurs, Nigel Hamblett and Miranda Leslau, are launching this new charitable initiative in conjunction with social entrepreneur and Patron, Kevin Green (as seen on Channel 4‟s The Secret Millionaire) and Tigrent Learning UK. The Safe House is a two-tier enterprise borne out of the groups passionate belief that a basic financial education and learning how to practically realize dreams forms part of the foundations of future British entrepreneurial success stories. In addition, The Safe House will be working with British empty homes officers/Local Councils, Housing Associations and the private sector, regarding the possibility of taking ownership of and refurbishing even a small percentage of the (almost) one million empty homes that remain unoccupied throughout the UK. The Safe House's desire is to inspire and focus and help young people to pursue their dreams but also importantly to train them financially so they can practically realize their dreams.  The enterprise wants to help them to use their time for good whilst helping the British economy. As with all our logos we tried to reflect the heart of what The Safe House represented.  We designed a logo to appeal to the younger generation.  A logo they could relate to, that would inspire them.  With the funky coloured graffiti styled logo, the pound sign to reflect the finances, coupled with the impression of a roof we wanted to reflect the mission the safe house; excitement and inspiration and guidance, all under one roof.