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Making Your Business Work

We know that these days making your business work means making the most of every opportunity. Special occasions; Christmas and Easter are, for example, always times when as business owners we can do something special either for our customers or with our marketing. We know it's a time, a chance, to do something different that makes us stand out from the crowd. So with Valentine´s day coming up it's the perfect time to find that something different that you or your company can do that will make this Valentine´s day special, something that brings your company or product to the forefront of people's minds which will give you that special, all important edge. So what can you do? Merchandising is a great way to keep your company fresh in people´s minds and these days there is so much more options than there used to be. These days the choice is endless; you can print your logo and a slogan on miniature hearts that are actually small mint boxes or on water bottles, mug heaters, mugs and of course pens and key rings. We have the inside info on all the best ideas so give us a call. It can be a great, not hugely expensive, way to make your mark. But remember plan ahead as merchandising can take time to produce. But there are lots other things you can do. You can take the opportunity to tweak your logo just for the day or as a brand new start. Here at Redline for example we've added a couple of hearts just to refresh a logo we've had for years. But you can also use special occasions to run a whole new marketing campaign - Redlines "A Touch of Red" came out of just one occasion. Anything you can do to bring your business to the forefront of people´s minds is never wasted. Finally special offers - we all love them. Find something special for your customers that they might not have been able to find themselves FOR YOU ... So on this note here at Redline we have been on the lookout for something of good value that we can give to you. For this Valentine's Day we have teamed up with a gorgeous perfume site which has really remarkable offers on a huge range of popular perfumes and aftershaves, up to 65% off the price you would pay in the shop and that includes postage and packing (within Europe) What is more we have also negotiated an extra 5% discount just for you! Just go to the website and use our special promotional code "redline" when you get to the payment section and it asks you. "Do you have a promotional code or discount coupon?" Here you type in the word "redline". When you click continue, you will see your discounted total. When you use our code you get an extra 5% off the already fabulous prices. For the very best offers go to So it means this year there is no excuse for not spoiling that special him or her or even just take the opportunity to treat yourself. So as this year´s Valentine´s day approaches, don't ignore it but embrace it. Make the most of the opportunity to do something different to add that special something to your company or product. We would love to hear from you - so why not call us today and let us brainstorm with you to find out the best way to take your company to the next level