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I initially gave quite a lot of thought as to wether it would be worthwhile for me to consider working with Line and the Redline company as I have already embarked on various advertising ventures on my own. The company was also initially uncertain what they could bring to the table once they recognised our efforts so far...we decided to start to work together on a trial period. I am very pleased to say that having Line and her team on board has really proved to be of benefit to me and the business. They provided me with a new insight and lots of fresh ideas and possibilities. In addition it has been truly wonderful to work with such an enthusiastic and professional team who constantly provide feedback and support. As they say, it really is like having your own external marketing team working hard on your behalf and the results have been rewarding. I will definitely continue the partnership in the New Year and would recommend them to anyone who is perhaps feeling frustrated that they are getting little result from their current advertising efforts. We have been very impressed with their work. Thank you Redline!

- Nina King,