Redline Company is all set for cooking adventures

Today we got a surprise present from one of our clients “ 5 dinners” ; one of their amazing food bags with fresh ingredients to cook new exciting dishes with EASY-TO-FOLLOW recipes. This comes in extra handy for us, since few of us cook.

Look at all this food!


Our first impression of the 5 dinner’s bag was the incredible smell of fresh vegetables as well such as mint, parsley and dill. The bags were filled with a variety of fresh meats, fish and fruit all to be cooked with lentils, rice, and fettuccini.

Easy to follow recipes and fresh ingredients!

Our brave colleague Annika has promised to cook lunch for the Redline Team tomorrow. We will be back then with a complete review of this innovative and fabulous cooking service that in July became available to the Costa del Sol.


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To find out more about how Redline works with 5 dinners – have a look at this!


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