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Redline Company & Gratitude Art

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Regular readers of the blog might already be aware that Redline’s director Line Lyster created the product range “Gratitude Art”. The aim of these carefully crafted products is to remind people of the abundance and love that surround us in our everyday lives – and to stay grateful!

Due to the natural connection between Gratitude Art and Redline we have been working with the brand as its external marketing department. With Gratitude Art we conduct all sort of promotional tasks. In April this year Gratitude Art expanded from being present in 2 shops on the Costa del Sol to being in 9 shops, including Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.

Together with Bookworld España we organised two exciting launch parties, where the guests wrote their wish on a helium balloon and sent it out to the universe, trusting and believing that the universal law of attraction would give them the wishes in return. We have also organised meditation events with Dr. Susan Phoenix.

Gratitude Art mostly appeals to people that are into the “Mind, Body & Spirit” approach.

This beautiful product range include Attraction magnets, Gratitude mugs, Inspirational canvases, Unique notepads with inspirational quotes, Greeting cards, Guidance cards and Gifts boxes.

Make sure you get a copy of the December2010 /January2011 issue of La Chispa, as Gratitude Art is decorating the front cover. If you are Danish, maybe you prefer reading about the power of Gratitude in the national magazine Familie Journalen! Have a look at the press section on if you want to see more results.

Gratitude Art is also represented in Copenhagen, Denmark now in the Spiritual bookstore De Ukendtes.

We were present at the Christmas fair at The Hippodrome here on the Costa del Sol the 12th of December 2010.

Exciting times for Gratitude Art!

Redline is organizing a day of Inspiration with Dr. Susan Phoenix!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Join Dr. Susan Phoenix, for an inspirational day of meditation in El Chaparral Golf Club, Mijas, Spain. The meditation workshop takes place Saturday, the 26th of June between 10 am -5 pm to acknowledge all that is positive in your life on an inspirational journey.

On the day of this event Susan will be using her new workbook “Angels, Energies and Auras” for the very first time.

Dr. Susan Phoenix is the best-selling author of Out of the Shadows – A Journey from Grief, that has proved to be a self help book for people who have suffered loss and grief. Susan now uses her skills to help other people to re-discover their strengths and life path working with angels, energies and auras.

The concept and design of Susan Phoenix’ new book is created by Gratitude Art. In this new book she guides the reader through heart breaking stories about changes in life at the same time teaching the readers how to let go of the past and embrace life with new knowledge. “One of my dreams is to allow the people of the world access to their own soul’s healing powers as they learn to interact with the other dimensions in safety and peace without chemical intervention or fear” says Dr. Phoenix. Aura photography will be available on the day as will Gratitude Art, with their new range of products.

Click here for more information! Gratitude Art is part of Redline Company.

Corporate colours

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

This weekend Redline went “on tour” with Gratitude Art to lovely Sotogrande near Gibraltar, for the local crafts fayre. Present at the event was Susan Phoenix, well known trough her best selling books “Policing the Shadows” and “Out of the Shadows” and a PhD within the field of Psychology, with her special camera that literary takes pictures of your aura, and the energy fields of the body.

Redline’s Line Lyster, long acquainted with this highly intriguing device, has had her picture taken before, but the new birds Lulu and myself were new to the experience. The camera looks like one of those old cameras that uses an external flash, and where the photographer needs to tuck in his/her head below a piece of cloth to be able to see properly, and when having this aura photo you rest your hands on two metal plates, shaped as hands. Susan told us to close our eyes and think “happy thoughts” – hence the silly faces…

As to our surprise it turns out we all have incorporated “a touch of red” into our souls.

No uniform needed at Redline Company!!

Gratitude Art launch event in Puerto Banús

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Last Saturday the 15th May Gratitude Art was launched at the Bookworld España in Puerto Banús. The event was a lot of fun and attended by people of different ages and cultures all curious about how to improve their lives.

On the day of the launch, Dr. Susan Phoenix, best-selling author of “Policing the Shadows” and “Out of the Shadows” presented her new book “Angels, energies and auras”. The concept and design of the book is created by Gratitude Art.  In this new book she guides the reader through heart breaking stories about changes in life at the same time teaching the readers how to let go of the past and embrace life with new knowledge.

Like in the Guadalmina launch event, the first 50 people at the launch event had the opportunity to write their message to the universe on a helium balloon, with their deepest desires.

If you wish to learn more about Gratitude Art visit

The Gratitude Attitude!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Friday the 9th April we held our Gratitude Art launch at the Bookworld España in Guadalmina, Marbella.

Gratitude Art is a part of Redline Company and created by Line Lyster.

Gratitude Art is being launched to remind people to trust the universe and stay positive, without having to stick post-it notes all around their houses, or rely on cork-board messages to jog their memory.

“Positive thought has completely changed my life, and the lives of those around me. It is only when we learn to be grateful for what we have and give thanks to the universe that we will receive good things in return. As a graphic designer I have been able to create a range of products to reflect the power of our thoughts to help us stay focused in our everyday life”, says Line Lyster, founder of Gratitude Art and owner of Redline Company in Marbella.

The first fifty people at the launch wrote their wish on a sticker and send it out to the Universe on a helium balloon. It is all about letting go and believing that the Universe will, in fact, respond.

The next Gratitude Art Launch is in Book World España in Puerto Banus on Saturday 15th May from 1-3 pm. Bookworld España Puerto Banus is located across from Corte Inglés, next to Espejos hairdressers.

Please join us.