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Facebook Timeline function available for businesses

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Facebook will update all business pages to the Timeline layout today. So how will Timeline change communication between businesses and their clients?

Timeline is much more visual than the old Facebook page: the cover photo is an eye-catching space, perfect for displaying a large, attractive picture of a product or an image conveying the idea of your business. The profile picture space remains, which can now be used to show the company’s logo. The info section is more visible as well, making it a great place for a short summary of your business, a mission statement or an inspirational quote.

What is more, Timeline enables better interaction with fans by letting them exchange private messages with you. For instance, complaints can now be dealt with privately rather than appearing on your wall.

The actual Timeline can feature milestones in the history of your business, showing the growth and positive changes that took place since its inception. This is also a great opportunity for creating an emotional connection with your fans – imagine someone posting a photo of their child wearing your company’s t-shirt or tagging themselves in a post telling everyone that their girlfriend accepted a proposal while having dinner at your restaurant.

Last but not least, new insights has been integrated with the admin panel, making it easier for you to access your page’s analytics and find out how many people like it or have mentioned it in a post, and how many users it is reaching.

Timeline allows you to sort posts by importance – you can ‘star’ a post to enlarge it or ‘pin’ it so that it stays on top of the page for up to a week.

All in all, a business Timeline can be much more appealing than a website, but in the long run it might turn out not to be as revolutionary as it now seems in terms of functionality, because the businesses’ posts will still be showing on the fans’ news feed in the same way. Sadly, after ‘liking’ a page most users never come back to it, so the news feed remains the most effective way of reaching them.

Did you know that Redline Company has the expertise to help you to harness the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Contact us to find out how we can harness your Twitter account and Facebook page to drive potential clients to your website and create messages and tweets that offer valuable information about your business.

Benefit from having your own marketing department

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

We can become your marketing department, working with you to gain maximum exposure for your company with minimum effort from you and ­ most importantly ­ at far less cost than employing an in­house team.

If you choose to become one of our retainer clients you set the agenda, deciding what you would like us to achieve for you from a wide variety of options. We can sit down with you and discuss how we can best put into action an effective campaign to gain the results that you require and reach your target market.

Our retainer packages now contain more marketing tools than ever before: we can create and maintain websites and corporate blogs, prepare a Content Marketing strategy, write, design and distribute your newsletters, set up profiles for you on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and update them with messages aimed at driving visitors to your website and business ­ and much more.

Our team has years of experience under its belt and can step in to help you at any stage, from deciding on a name and logo at the beginning of your business´s life, to suggesting ways in which a well­established company can extend its reach and re­imagine its profile to attract a new breed of customer.

Over the years we have worked with small local businesses, national companies and large international corporations, thereby gaining experience of every scale of business and the advantages and challenges that are peculiar to each.

Take advantage of our knowledge and employ us as your external marketing department. Enjoy all the advantages of a carefully constructed marketing plan at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house team.

Internships at Redline

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Kelly and Zusanna

Redline Company has been taking on interns since its very beginnings, and presently works with two or three students at a time.

The interns are treated as part of the Redline team, carrying out different kinds of tasks for both Redline´s clients and the company itself: designing and creating websites and advertising materials, writing articles, blogs and newsletters, coming up with marketing ideas and solutions, etc.

Because the whole Redline team works closely together, the students have the opportunity to learn from the more experienced employees as well as from each other. This system proves to benefit both sides, as carrying out exciting real tasks motivates the interns and provides them with valuable hands-on experience, while their work brings in fresh insights and speeds up the realization of clients´ requests.

“Many of my friends have done useless internships where all they did was make coffee. At Redline, you get to do real stuff and that is really exciting, because you feel you’re learning something all the time” – says Zuzanna, an intern from Poland.

Being an international work environment, Redline also offers the interns a chance to improve their language skills – at the moment we speak English, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch and Polish!

Doing an internship can be stressful, but while Redline keeps a high level of professionalism, its office has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which stems from the personal philosophy of the company’s director Line Lyster. Line believes that a positive attitude is contagious, and although you are not allowed to show up at the office wearing a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops, the team is always smiling and helpful, which gets rid of any stage fright a new intern may feel.
Of course an internship is not ALL about work and learning. The Redline team regularly goes out eating or bowling on the weekends and in their free time the interns can enjoy the glamorous nightlife, sports and sunshine of Marbella.

“I’m so happy to be here!” – says Kelly from Holland. “The work is really interesting, and Marbella is just beautiful!”

Find out more about being an intern at Redline Company here!