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Friday, January 20th, 2012

Redline Company was recently asked to develop a brand new website for, a health insurance company. This proved an enjoyable project, since the site required some very specific features, such as a price comparison option and a detailed quote request form.

The main focus was to present a great deal of intricate information in a format that is clear and easy to read. This called for a layout that minimised the complexities of the content while ensuring that potential clients seeking health insurance were able to access the data that they needed to make a decision without being deterred by unnecessarily text-heavy pages.

Dudley, Redline Company’s web designer, was able to complete the project within a very short space of time.

WIBS Breakfast Meeting

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Following its successful breakfast meeting in October 2011, Women In Business Spain is yet again appealing to early birds by holding its first get-together of 2012 on Friday February 3rd at San Pedro’s popular venue, The Passion Café.

Members and their guests are invited to arrive at 10:00 for breakfast and at 10:30 there will be an official welcome, followed by an opportunity for members to speak about their business for two minutes.

Redline Company’s Line Lyster is an enthusiastic member of the Women In Business Spain team and will be attending the meeting. She says: “WIBS is a really great organisation for female buisnesswomen and entrepreneurs on the Costa del Sol. It offers so many opportunities for the exchange of ideas and forging new professional and personal friendships. Redline has been given the task of handling all the PR, which is also excellent exposure for the company.”

Women In Business Spain (or WIBS, to give it its usual nickname) is happy to welcome new members, so guests are invited to attend this first meeting of the year.

Contact Caroline Bowley, President of Women In Business Spain for details on +34 677 167 310, email or visit

What are your ambitions for your company in 2012?

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

It’s that time of year when business leaders start to plan for the year ahead. It’s an exciting period, when everything seems possible and no problem seems insurmountable.

Ambitious plans are essential if your company is to stay ahead of the opposition. When we ask clients what they would most like to achieve they invariably reply, “I want to be Number One on Google”.

If you have been thinking about storming your way up the Google charts, there are many factors to consider.

Before you start you should ask yourself these key questions:

  1. Do you have Google Analytics or any other statistical software installed on your site? Employing the use of one of these can enable you to see where your visitors come from, how long they stay and what kind of keywords they are using to find your site.
  2. What is your conversion rate? It isn’t just about attracting thousands of visitors to your site. The key is how efficiently you are drawing in and retaining the type of high quality prospective clients that you are seeking – and converting their initial interest into sales.
  3. How visible and efficient is your call to action? Even if you are constantly inundated with top quality leads it’s not going to help if there is nowhere that they can register their interest. What is your bounce rate?
  4. Is your site complemented by interesting, informative and attractive SEO text?Do you know what your keywords are? Does the text on your website read well, yet still include all your keywords?
  5. Are your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles working well for you? Do you update them regularly? Do you know how best to use them to attract clients? Do you have a coherent and thorough social media plan?

If your clientele is local rather than international you should also ask yourself whether a top Google ranking is even something on which you should be expending time and energy. If your customers prefer to visit your premises you may well find that a friendly smile and the offer of a cup of coffee is worth far more to your company!


Redline invades Megabowl!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

We were all very sad recently when our intern, Jana Hirkova, left us to return to her university course inDenmark, but we were determined to take her on one more night out before she went!


The decision was taken to go to Megabowl Marbella in La Cañada for an evening of ten-pin bowling, which was a lot of fun – even if most of us were appalling!Dudleywas appointed our unofficial coach and we did manage to improve under his expert supervision. In the end Jana was declared the overall winner, with more strikes than anybody else.


We hope that Jana will remember her stay with us as a happy time, but doubt that she will retain a lasting impression of the Redline gang as brilliant bowlers!


We would also like to express thanks to the superb team at Megabowl Marbella for making our night out such fun.