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Marbella’s International Art Festival

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011


Redline Company is involved in this year’s International Art Festival in Marbella

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

This weekend the 3rd International Art Festival of Marbella kicks off.

As often with local events, Redline has been involved in the work of this year’s edition. So don’t be surprised if you see our logo if you head into Marbella centre this weekend.

We designed the following items for this year’s festival;

  • A layout for one of the local buses in Marbella
  • The artist catalogue
  • The programme for the festival


We will of course attend this yearly event and hope you do the same.

For more information about Marbella’s art festival, visit:

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Did you know that…

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Redline Company can become YOUR external marketing department?   At Redline we like to work with selected clients on a retainer basis as we believe that marketing is a constant activity that needs to be carried out continuously to support and promote your business.

In February this year we got a visit from Christine Zellén and Juan Carlos Orbea. They were originally looking for graphic design services, but it soon became clear to us that they needed much more than that. Impatient to get going and overloaded with ideas, they essentially needed someone to get them organised and on track. Therefore we suggested that they should work with us as their external marketing department.

One of the first things we do as the external marketing department for businesses is to create a concrete action plan. The plan helps to clarify for the client, as well as to the rest of Redline’s team, what the priorities are and what tasks we have to execute.

In 5 dinners’ case we spent the first couple of months on;

  • inventing the name of the new concept
  • designing the logo
  • designing, programming and writing all the text for their website
  • writing press releases in English and Spanish and
  • designing their flyers and recipes.

“Having Redline as our marketing department has really help us get organised. The brainstorming sessions to create the whole concept including the name has been of great value to us. Now we have a professional concept that we can be really proud of and we are so excited to get going with the launch”, says Christine from 5 dinners.

5 Dinners has just been launched on the Costa del Sol in Spain, to make it easier for people to enjoy hassle free and innovative cooking at home. A single order can bring complete recipes and ingredients for two or four people for a period of five days. Each delivery contains all the necessary high quality ingredients and EASY-TO-FOLLOW recipes, carefully planned by Christine Zellén, expert in diet and nutrition.

For more information about 5 Dinners, email or visit now.

To see the completed work we have done so far with 5 dinners, please see our portfolio on: