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Redline assisted Salon Look 2010 in Madrid

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Redline Company is currently working as the external marketing department for Bio Sculpture España, the latest must-have nail care product and is the only nail product in the world to be awarded an internationally recognised five-star safety rating from Farmovs-Parexel.

Lulu Berretta, Redline Company, at the Bio Sculpture stand

In mid October Redline visited the Salon Look fair in Madrid. Salon Look is a yearly trade show for sectors within “beauty and wellness” which attracts thousands of visitors and companies. Within Spain we believe that Salon Look is the fair where you’ll only find the best important and high end beauty brands, and of course Bio Sculpture was present.

The weekend was a great success and we really enjoyed the show.

Christmas at Redline

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Think again if you thought getting the real christmas feel is impossible in +25 degrees and palm trees in southern Spain! At Redline we are devoted to the colour red and what better time than Christmas to manifest our devotion to the max?

We started with the Christmas tree that Bart decorated last week with the redline fish.

Then came the trendy hats with (naturally) our logo printed on them, which is now the essence of our office dress code.

However, delegating tasks to fellow collegues respectfully might be complicated with this new attire.

We do not yet know the reason for this……

On Friday Line had the opportunity to attend the Christmas concert in the St. Michaels caves with the Gibraltar national choir and orchestra with our own “Guardian Angel” Susan Phoenix. Inside the cave the water kept dripping which made the hats functional aside from being fashionable.

And finally yesterday, part of Redline was present with Gratitude Art at the annual Christmas fair in the hippodrome.

With 11 days left to the holidays we want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!!