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We work hard to deliver solutions to your marketing needs.




Wherever you are, we can help with our marketing services. Based in Marbella on the Costa del Sol, Spain, our client list extends from Spain to the UK, to Scandinavia - and even as far as Australia.

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Image is everything

There are various elements to marketing; however, we should begin with the company ‘look’ or brand. No matter what industry you are in, your company image should portray what you do. The colours and images that you use in your logo, along with your company name, strap line etc., should be used to represent your company so that current and future customers begin to recognise your ‘brand’ and, more importantly, want to be associated with it by using you.


We use clever graphic design to help build that image for you, creating your company’s look throughout your marketing material to ensure that wherever you are your company name will stand out.


Your Marketing Strategy

As part of the strategy various tools work together to promote each other. This takes time to build on and all the elements feed each other and are linked.


To demonstrate this: We could place an advert on your behalf, in a magazine that will feature your company name and logo (so people recognise you), tell people about a current promotion you are running (i.e. 40% discount) and also feature your web site address. By creating an interest with the offer clients will be encouraged to visit your web site where there is a lot more information about your company and other products you offer. This could result in people not only taking advantage of your 40% discount offer but buying other products too.


Redline looks at your business and your marketing plan as a whole and co-ordinates it so that you have a clear view of what you want to achieve. No matter what size your company, we believe that understanding the marketing mix is important. At the beginning you may only need a few business cards and flyers, but as your business grows we aim to be there to advise on and provide all the other marketing tools you require to support your business growth including web design and search engine optimisation. Redline is a one stop marketing shop that works with other highly recommended professionals both in Spain and in the UK to provide all that you need in one beautifully wrapped package.


View marketing plan (PDF 80kB)




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