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Peter Michael Kroh, owner of Team Kroh Dental

November 2013

¨In these months that I have been working with Redline Company, the team has shown a great deal of enthusiasm and creativity. I would personally recommend Redline to all businesses that are unsure about how to manage their branding and promotional activities.¨ Peter Michael Kroh, owner of Team Kroh Dental, October 2011.

Annalisa Turner, Icon Publishing September 2011.

November 2013

"We are so pleased with our new sites. I am in charge of keeping the sites up to date all the time and it has never been easier. I log in through the content management system and here I can add and amend as much as I want. Also images can easily be updated. Our excellent Society Marbella site is updated monthly by Redline, to change the style and colours which reflects the latest issue of our magazine - that creates a great synergy. We wouldn't be able to do this without Redline. Redline has been great creating the sites. The speed of the construction of the sites along with the professional design and the great tutorial has helped me a lot" 

Annalisa Turner, Icon Publishing September 2011.

Louise Donehy, Starlet

November 2013

Redline provided me with a professional, effective and fast service. The store launch and opening would not have been so successful without their help. I would recommend Line and her team to anyone and will continue to work with Redline in the future.

Louise Donehy, Starlet July 2009.

Hessia Fernandes, Founder of Cooltribe, July 2009

November 2013

Working with Redline is like having your own Marketing Department on board.  The team at Redline shows a great deal of professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity. 
I was particularly impressed with the online brochure they created for my company, the result was fantastic and very efficient.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Redline to anyone who needs marketing support.

- Hessia Fernandes, Founder of Cooltribe, July 2009.

Stevie Pearce - Owner of Patio BB

November 2013

Redline has been absolutely brilliant, and my business venture has hit the ground running thanks to all their input, and advice and fantastic design and layout service. I cannot praise them enough and I will continue to work with them.

- Stevie Pearce, July 2009 (Owner of Patio BB - Bed and Breakfast and Holiday lettings)

Combined Insurance Spain

November 2013

Our first Spanish office opened in Málaga in March 2006. Redline have advised and supported the development of our Marketing Training and Administration through this time. In any new venture and especially for one of this SIZE and corporate investment it is vitally important that the correct foundations are laid to support rapid and sustained growth. Since our inauguration day Redline have proved to be a major asset in establishing these foundations. Line and her team have been creative, efficient and more important reliable in delivering the materials and back up we have required. 
There are exciting times for Combined Insurance. This year we have added Mexico, Chile and Poland to our field of operation. I hope that my colleagues in these new offices find their own “Redline” company to assist establishing a firm base on which to build the marketing and promotion of their business.

- Combined Insurance Spain, March 2009,

San Roque Golf Club

November 2013

Since discovering Redline we have been extremely happy with the level of service provided in particular by Line Lyster who is a little star!  They are fast, efficient, always available, super friendly and extremely good value for money.  We are tremendously happy with them and they are always a pleasure to work with.  I would recommend them to anyone.
- San Roque Golf Club, March 2009,

Asec Group

November 2013

"Working with Alison and the team is FANTASTIC! They are always there when I need them, very quick to answer, extremely professional and above all friendly!"

- Asec Group, Dec 2008,

BioSculpture Spain

January 2014

"We had been trying to penetrate the Spanish market for some years with our product Bio Sculpture, using the same approach that had proven successful in the UK. But it did not have the same response on the Spanish market so when we found out that Redline works with selected clients as their external marketing department and that they could help us link into the Spanish market with a new approach, we decided to go for it. The main tasks for Redline for our company is to liaise with the Spanish National press both trade and public. Getting coverage in these types of magazines gives our brand prestige and makes the Spanish market aware that we exist. Redline also helps us do ad-hoc graphic designs, merchandise and gives us good advice and great ideas for future promotions in our monthly meetings." 

- Matthew Chapman, director of BioSculpture Spain, August 2010,

Central FM

November 2013

"Over the many years that we've been working with Redline have always met the brief they have been given, each time surpassing our expectations. All the work is on time and of a world-class standard. The team act as our external marketing department handling our web design, graphic design, press releases, printed material, including business cards, brochures and displays boards. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Redline, who are consistently professional and hard-working. If you’re looking for a marketing company with high levels of expertise combined with a hands-on, can-do approach, Redline is the one for you.  Through our work with Redline we have seen the tangible results of our increasing profile."
- Central FM, Dec 2008,

Glass LPS

January 2014

I highly recommend people that are starting up their businesses in Spain to contact Redline Company. They are my external marketing department for 4 months now and so far they have helped me with the design of my Spanish website, sales presentations, translations and invoice templates and also as press liaison.

- Henrieta Mackova,


November 2013

"Our expansion into the Spanish market has been rapid and highly successful, we are a Spanish company that targets salons and consumers of all nationalities.  ghd Spain opened it’s doors for business in September 2004 and Redline have worked closely with us since that time.  Quality of merchandising product and timely deliveries are always vital in a fast moving business such as ours and we have come to rely on Redline to achieve the objectives that we set.  It is essential to have excellent working relationships with suppliers and we have always enjoyed our dealings with the Redline team.  No matter how outrageous our requests are, Redline always try to help and it is a pleasure to do business with them".
- ghd, November 2008,

Simply Spain Consulting

November 2013

"Thanks again for the great brochures you designed and printed."
- Simply Spain Consulting, November 2008

Luis Navarro, General Manager, Club de Golf Aloha

November 2013

"At Aloha we are delighted with Redline's service and professionalism.  We are going to continue working with this company in the future since we value the quality they give us."
- Luis Navarro, General Manager, Club de Golf Aloha, November 2008

Jacqui Braithwaite, Hope Magazine

November 2013

"I literally couldn´t praise or recommend Redline highly enough.  From start to finish they went the extra mile in helping me produce and design the magazine.  They are professional and personal and patient!  They are dedicated to helping you get the best result possible. I wouldn´t work with any other design agency."
- Jacqui Braithwaite, Hope Magazine, November 2008


November 2013

"Thank you for your work, we are really, really impressed!! The brochures are stunning and we love them"
- Indybel, July 2008

NCT Marbella - September 2012

January 2014
"Redline Company were a revelation. They asked me what I wanted and then got on with the job. My website is now a real asset to my business and I can now track performance via Google Analytics". Rafael García, owner of NCT Marbella, September 2012

5 dinners

November 2013

"Having Redline as our marketing department has really help us get organised. The brainstorming sessions to create the whole concept including the name has been of great value to us. Now we have a professional concept that we can be really proud of and we are so excited to get going with the launch" - 5 dinners, May 2011

Redline clients include

November 2013

Redline clients include: Aylesford international, Alcazaba Hills, Arcos Gardens, Asec, Barbara Weber, Blacktower Financial Management, Caffe Gusto, Central FM, Cooltribe, Combined, Club de Aloha Golf, Costa Esperanza, Crystal Shore Properties, Decor de Arte, Del Sol Packaged, Dulcies Deli, Dorothea Healing Voice, Easy Computers, Fuduciary Group, ghd, House of Danish Design, Los Arqueros Estates, Humico, K2, Mad about Furniture, Marbella Property Services, Marbella Premier Homes, Montana Estates, Miranda Leslau PR, Money solutions spain, Ocean world wide property, Perry Clayman Clinic, Profile, Pods Post, Prosperity Living, Rose & Clavel, RWK, San Roque Golf Club, Spectrum FM, Starlet, Target Models,Ticos, V Sat, Viva Jardin, Zaika and more.

Estomar91, April 2012

January 2014
"The Estomar91 team had been thinking about producing a magazine for some time, but it seemed like a massive project! Thankfully, once we put our heads together with Redline Company we realised that it was an achievable goal and that the online version of the magazine would also help to guide new visitors to our website. We are very pleased with the way that Ogee Magazine has allowed us to reflect the philosophy and interests of Estomar91 and are already looking forward to publishing the next edition." - Vladan Stojic, Estomar91, April 2012

Passion Café, May 2012

January 2014
"We found that the brainstorming sessions that we were able to have were very useful and resulted in some good ideas that we have already been able to institute. Since the Passion Café team is always busy at the restaurant, it has been helpful to organise meetings at the Redline office and plan our strategy away in relative peace and quiet. We are very happy with the results that have already been delivered, via the Happy Hour campaign and the new website." - Malcolm Spendlove, Passion Café, May 2012

The Aloha Hill Club Marbella

January 2014

"We are very happy with the results that we obtained from Redline Company. The speed and the professional way of taking care of every task has impressed us. And the complete corporate look and consistency in the material is just brilliant".

- Morten Remo, Aloha Hill Club March 2012,

Unique Beauty

January 2014

"What we were looking for was a company that could handle every aspect of the business launch and then suggest ways in which we could maintain interest in it once it was open and established. I was impressed by the depth of Redline Company's expertise - the team had some excellent ideas about the best way to market Unique Beauty and knew exactly how best to execute them. This process has gained us a great deal of publicity but, even more importantly, the message is reaching our target market."
- Emad Fakhoury, February 2012

Women in Business Spain

January 2014

Thank you for your support over the last months. It is a real joy to work with you all.
- Caroline Bowley - president of Women in Business Spain, December 2011,

The Gecko Pro Tour

January 2014

“Once our site was launched, the response was immediate; it is definitely true that careful planning pays off. By sitting down with the Redline team and telling them exactly what we wanted the site to do, it started to draw in the type of informed and enthusiastic visitors that we are hoping to attract. By asking Redline to handle all the everyday aspects like running the website and handling our social media, we can get on with the business of organising the golf side of things.”

- Rupert Hubbard, Gecko Pro Tour January 2012,

Oasis Dental Clinic

January 2014

I initially gave quite a lot of thought as to wether it would be worthwhile for me to consider working with Line and the Redline company as I have already embarked on various advertising ventures on my own. The company was also initially uncertain what they could bring to the table once they recognised our efforts so far...we decided to start to work together on a trial period. I am very pleased to say that having Line and her team on board has really proved to be of benefit to me and the business. They provided me with a new insight and lots of fresh ideas and possibilities. In addition it has been truly wonderful to work with such an enthusiastic and professional team who constantly provide feedback and support. As they say, it really is like having your own external marketing team working hard on your behalf and the results have been rewarding. I will definitely continue the partnership in the New Year and would recommend them to anyone who is perhaps feeling frustrated that they are getting little result from their current advertising efforts. We have been very impressed with their work. Thank you Redline!

- Nina King,

Deborah Mackay, Viva Campeche

January 2014
Happy Birthday to Redline ~ Feliz Cumpleanos a Redline!! Congratulations Line and your team, the last 7 years have been tough for everyone in business, so it's great to know you and Redline are such a success. Well done !! Hope to see you again sometime, it was always great to work with you. Lots of love Deborah xx, November 2011

Ann Savill

January 2014

I have worked on several successful personal projects with Redline Company. Their artwork is creative and and often cutting edge and they have a wealth of marketing experience. I have found Line and her staff to be friendly, helpful and very efficient. I can highly recommend their service.

- Ann Savilll, August 2011

PunctureSafe Spain

January 2014

The Redline team is enthusiastically assisting me in servicing, building and establishing my business here on the Costa del Sol. I would advice business owners that are struggling to stay focused to contact the team at Redline for professional support, advice and of course marketing.

- Simon Jordan, January 2011,